“Before we go racing into the pit of hell, can we stop for a minute?”-M.J. Ryan #mindfulness #pause #selfcare #reflection #awareness #decisions #mentalhealth #anxiety #stress

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Life is overwhelming.  It’s easy to race right into the next thing on your list or just plow through the day.  I like to imagine myself wearing a superhero cape to work, with my super power being giving people what they need to lead a happy and fulfilling life.  That can keep me motivated for awhile and then sometimes I still find myself in a fiery hell-pit wondering how I got there! I think all of us have had bad days and wonder if we accidentally donated our super hero cape with the last 16 bags of old clothes to charity.

Our blogpsiration challenge this week is to take a pause before you go into something stressful.  Just one minute to take a deep breath or say a mantra like “I can do this, I’ve done it before!” can be game changers in the heat of a stressful moment.  Remember, these moments are temporary whether it is a minute of bliss or a minute of stress.  Remind yourself that a minute can make all the difference in how you approach a difficult task.  Be kind to yourself and pause when you can…you might just find some positivity or a little bit of hope to keep going! 🙂