“Be open to possibilities and plan for opportunities”-Laura Vanderkam #possibilities #opportunities #selfcare #dreams #mentalhealth #anxiety #preparation

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We often expect the worst when we have the opportunity to plan for the best.  For example, when I am speaking at conferences I carry business cards with me in case people are interested in working with one of our counselors.  I always hang around after I speak for a few minutes to stay open to the possibility that someone will want to talk to me and usually they do!  I hear incredible and fascinating stories about people’s experiences, hardships or how counseling helped them turn their lives around.  It’s really an incredible part of my job!

What can you do this week to be open to possibilities and plan for opportunities?  For example, sometimes I see clients who describe themselves as something like a “guitarist” or “writer” and when I asked them what music they play or what they write I am sometimes told they haven’t done it yet…what?!?  For example, if you want to be a guitarist, be open to playing the guitar, don’t worry about being the best!  Plan for the opportunity that when you have time to play this week  you will start playing!

Think of what else is possible in your week whether it’s being in the right place to catch your boss and ask for time off or speak to that cute person at the coffee shop.  Fear will not take you where you want to go, give yourself the best chance to make things happen!