“Ask yourself this question: will it matter a year from now?”-Richard Carlson #letgo #mentalhealth #decision

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People tend to get caught up in things that are unimportant to their lives. Whether gossip, drama, a relationship or situation; these moments tend to consume us and sometimes we can’t help becoming involved.  The media is a great example of sending us these messages…this celebrity gained weight, so and so are getting divorced, “he posted what on Twitter?!”   Sure, there may be information out there that affects you, your family or community and those are important, but how can we sort the wasteful information we receive or conflicts we find ourselves in from those that deserve our attention?

Think of a time that you found yourself in a situation where you gave it a lot energy, but now it doesn’t matter.  Reflect with these questions: What about it attracted you? How did it affect you and others close to you?  If you found yourself in that situation again, how would you react differently this time knowing that it ended up being a waste of time?  What would you have rather been doing that was more important?  The challenge this week is to remember this reflective exercise in the moments you need it.  Think about what is important to you this week and stay close to those themes, using them to keep you focused.  When you feel yourself getting off track ask yourself, “Will this matter a year from now and is it important to me?”