“Arguing with reality is like being ticked off at your dog for not being able to do your taxes”-Anonymous #reality #mindfulness #selfcare #calm #empowerment #positivity #awareness #possibility #opportunity #hero

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This quote definitely had me laughing.  When we think of being mindful, often we picture a monk in robes, sitting on a rock cliff overlooking the ocean, at sunset, clearly at peace and meditating…but let’s be real, that’s probably not our reality!  Sometimes (or to some it may feel like all the time) life happens, full force and we feel the wind get knocked out of us and in comes whatever negative feelings that arise.  The challenge this week is to be aware of your complaints…and make them your mission!

Here’s how…

-Notice your feelings in the moment and thoughts and how they are affecting you, probably not for the better…this is being mindful, you got this!

-Ask yourself what opportunities or possibilities are there from this experience?

-If you are the hero of your story, what can you do next?

-Is there a message in the mess?

Bottom line, is when reality strikes, we have to look at what is there and accept it.  Accepting doesn’t mean just sitting back.  Accepting can be empowering yourself through understanding what role you play.  Be your hero, learn from mistakes, find meaning in your reality and make it good!