“And once I did it, I learned that I could”-Sheryl Sandberg #goals #inspiration #dreams #positivity #change #habits #anxiety #motivation #mentalhealth #intention #fakeittomakeit #selfcare #risks

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Change or taking a first step towards a goal can be downright frightening.  We can be inspired by someone’s story, a book or blog and have the intention to start making the changes we want in life, but then nothing seems to happen and usually we expect immediate results.  Some examples may be to get more sleep, to eat healthier foods or to tell someone your feelings.

The blogspiration challenge this week is to take a step and do 1 thing towards a goal you have.  For example, it could be going to the gym and walking for a half hour.  It could be telling someone that you felt hurt they didn’t call you back as they said they would.  Or it could be that you were afraid of trying something new, but you tried anyways.  Even if these actions do not meet your expectations or yield a final result, you did it!!!

Celebrating the small moments and learning that you can do something may just be the motivation you need to keep going and get closer to your final destination/goal.  Be proud of your accomplishments, no matter how small!