“Actually I’m highly logical, which allows me to look past extraneous detail and perceive clearly that which others overlook”-Hermione Granger #motivation #selfcare #priorities #mentalhealth #anxiety

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Common sense is not that common, even within ourselves.  If you are a Harry Potter fan, you know Hermoine Granger is dubbed the “smart one,” however she does have her moments of emotional weakness throughout her character’s growth just like the rest of us.  I like this quote  because when our lives get chaotic or we feel like we are spiraling out of control, it is difficult to look past all the chaos and see clearly what is happening around us.

The challenge this week is to think or write down your top 3 items that you feel contribute most to being out of control right now, in this week.  Looking at those items, what theme do you see?  For example, if you are someone who has trouble saying “no” to others and your 3 items are meetings or favors, maybe your theme is “learning to say no to others so you can say yes to yourself.”  Remember that whatever your theme is, this is something to work on throughout the week.  Whatever is giving you stress may not be worth it to your own health and well being.  In chaos, it is hard to see clearly, give your life the theme you want it to reflect this week! Be mindful to what is happening around you and how it is affecting you inside.