“A joyful life is an individual creation that cannot be copied from a recipe”-Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi #selfcare #selfhelp #mindful #motivation #selfhelp #happiness

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We are surrounded by self help books telling us the formula for happiness.  We read magazines that lure us in to read about how to get the best body and how lose weight eating tacos.  We click on youtube videos telling us how to do our makeup, go on dates or how to live, parent, etc.  We attempt pinterest crafts and somehow they turn out nothing like the picture.  There are so many messages telling us there is a recipe to achieve what we want, one way to do things, one path to different stories.  When you reflect on this, have you been in search of a recipe for some area of your life?

Just like a pair of jeans may not fit other people the same way, life cannot be followed by a recipe.  Sure, you may relate to what someone else has gone through, or be touched by a similar story.  However, you are unique and your story, your journey is unique as well.  The challenge this week is to become more mindful when you are searching outward for answers or the right recipe for happiness.  Instead, reach inside and YOU decide what you need, how you choose it and what path to walk down.  A joyful life is your creation, everyone else is just trying to sell you a recipe.  I am confident you are all you need to find the joy in your life.